3-Stage Adjustable Drain Compatible with Hospital Sinks

08 Mar 3-Stage Adjustable Drain Compatible with Hospital Sinks

The K100-75 3-stage telescoping drain was designed for use with the Adjust-a-Sink, adjustable height shampoo sink. This telescoping drain meets requirements of ASME A112.19.12-2014. The adjustable height telescopic drain fits as a replacement for fixed height drains for adjustable hospital decontamination sinks, adjustable height sinks for veterinary clinics, and adjustable height wash stations and vanities.

Also known as a telescoping tailpiece or telescoping standpipe, this adjusting drain enables manufacturers and professionals to install code compliant adjustable height sinks and lavatories.  The interior wall of the K100-75 is smooth and installs vertically, so there is no possibility to create a secondary trap or otherwise collect waste water within the assembly.

When carefully installed, so the drain is vertically plumb and moves in the same plane as the fixture without binding, this system will provide many years of service.  This product has proven its durability after 15 years of successful installation and used in adjustable height commercial shampoo fixtures.

decontamination sink with adjustable drain


  • Designed for 12” Vertical Adjustment of sinks and basins, full extension range of 12.5”
  • 1-1/2” diameter. Top end has a 1-1/2” integral slip nut for connection to a strainer or stopper valve, bottom end has 1-1/2” PVC coupling.
  • Smooth interior surface, telescoping action
  • Patented telescopic plumbing meets ASME/UPC standards. Listed with IAPMO, file #5496.

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