Adjustable Height Sink

Reference Data

*Assumptions for Adjust-a-Sink ROI calculations:
National average CNA salary is $24,000 plus tax burden = $26,400
CNA time per salon visit needing a transfer in and out of salon chair = 10 minutes
Annual CNA assistance cost with 30 salon visits per week = $3300

Installed cost estimate for a K100 = $5000
Labor savings over 10 years = $33,000
Payback of initial investment = 18 months
Return on Investment over a 10 year period = greater than 500%

*In 2015, almost 172,000 incidents of  recordable injury or illness, or 6.8 incidents per 100 workers, occurred in the private nursing industry. Communities that are under government jurisdiction had an even higher rate, at 12 incidents per 100 workers. (

*Stylists have reported waiting 5 to 20 minutes for transfer assistance in the salon, which totaled up to 4.5 hours or more per week with 30 visits.
The Adjust-a-Sink nearly eliminated these wait times, allowing more appointments per day. (