Adjust-a-Sink Overview



For many residents in senior living, the visit to the salon is the highlight of their week. It is important to make their visits safe and comfortable. The Adjust-a-Sink® makes that possible. Designed with the clients in mind, this rehabilitation sink can be used for rehab patients in addition to senior living residents.

The Adjust-a-Sink adjustable height shampoo bowl works! The adjustable bowl improves the salon experience by allowing patrons to be shampooed at a comfortable, wheelchair accessible sink where they have the option to remain in their own wheelchairs, or sit in the traditional salon chair. The Adjust-a-Sink is the ideal alternative to a portable shampoo bowl. Either way, residents are assured of a safe and comfortable experience with the improved fit between their neck and the shampoo sink due to the bowl’s 12 inches of adjustable travel. This handicap accessible shampoo sink’s unique design provides a safer, more comfortable beauty salon experience for both the patron and stylist.

Dedicated Family Owned Business

We are family owned and manufacture all of our products in the United States. Our adjustable height, rehabilitation sink can be found nationwide and in Canada in salons and senior living facilities. Contact us today at (866) 938-4608 for more information.


The Adjust-a-Sink offers 12 inches of true vertical travel, and the intuitive and easy-to-use foot pump mechanism allows the bowl to be raised or lowered to accommodate the stature and condition of the salon patron. It works with either the patron’s wheelchair or a traditional salon chair. The neck position of the bowl can be raised from 31” to 43” to ensure a comfortable fit.  There is an alternate mounting position of the bowl to lower the neck position range to 29” to 41” if that better fits the stature of your residents.


Residents experience increased safety since there is no need to transfer residents from their wheelchair to the salon chair. Additionally, the bowl design minimizes water splashing and spillage on surrounding floor areas, reducing the potential for slipping accidents/injuries, for both residents and stylists.  This system is the best choice to wash hair for a resident in a wheelchair.  The Adjust-a-Sink is solidly mounted to a wall in the salon and once adjusted it will remain in place, unlike the portable shampoo bowls and shampoo tray devices that can be disturbed and result in a mess if the patron moves around.


The bowl adjusts to ensure a comfortable fit for most all statures and physical limitations. The desire to look one’s best does not diminish with age or disability and the Adjust-a-Sink helps to make the hair care experience one of dignified comfort. We believe you should adjust the shampoo bowl to the client’s neck, and not adjust their neck to the shampoo bowl!  The adjustable bowl height also helps reduce stylists’ back strain that is commonly associated with working at low-mounted bowls.  This system is ideal for skilled nursing shampoo and memory care shampoo services, residents often remain more calm and relaxed if you don’t need to transfer them for a salon service. The Adjust-a-Sink works great as a portable shampoo bowl alternative and is much easier to use as it is mounted to a wall!


The improved fit of the resident/patron’s neck to the bowl greatly reduces neck strain and even possible stroke – reducing facility liability concerns. See the Sept./Oct. 2006 Stroke Smart Magazine article entitled, Beauty Parlor Chairs May Cause Strokes.


Why not nearly eliminate the labor intensive transfers in your salon, and the wait times that come with them.  Does your floor staff have better things to do than stop in to the salon for transfer assists every 30 minutes?  Facilities have reported a reduction of weekly wait times as much as six hours, and have been able to add 3 to 5 appointments in the salon per day.


The Adjust-a-Sink system is designed for durability and manufactured in the USA with robust materials to stand up to severe service.  The first units manufactured in the early ‘90’s are still in use today!


Patented telescopic plumbing meets ASME/UPC standards. US Patent #’s: 5,893,396 and 5,867,847.


Accessible Systems products can be quickly assembled and easily installed for either remodeling or new construction projects.


Standard faucet and vacuum breaker are included with the purchase of the Adjust-a-Sink.


Fits in any interior design plan.  Over 50 bowl colors to choose from.  There are unlimited choices for the laminate on the backsplash and rear panel.  Standard quick ship colors include white, almond, and black.


The Adjust-a-Sink is a perfect alternative to a portable shampoo bowl. A safer, more sturdy option that allows stylists the confidence that they can shampoo their clients without getting them wet or without getting water all over the floor, creating an unsafe working environment for both the client and stylist. Unlike the portable shampoo sinks that requires you to find a floor drain, the Adjust-a-Sink comes complete with all faucet fixtures and plumbing hookups and detailed instructions for installing. The Adjust-a-Sink mounts directly to the wall or cabinetry and will not wobble back and forth like the portable shampoo basins often do.


“As a seasoned hairdresser I have used about every style of shampoo bowl in existence. The Adjust-a-Sink is truly the ultimate experience for both the hairdresser and the client. It has the benefit of a backwash relieving body strain and the ease of a side wash for comfortable client contact.”

– Ted Halone, The Hair Shoppe, Minneapolis, MN

“Our volunteers had no problem adjusting to the sink.The hydraulics enable it to meet the needs for the different heights of wheelchairs. One of the residents stated: ‘It fits me like a glove’.”

– Connie K. Stock, Beauty Shop Coordinator Ortonville Area
Health Services

“Our beauty shop operators find the Adjust-a-Sink to be a real asset in assisting the hair care needs of our residents.The adjustability allows a much easier and more comfortable method of shampooing for the residents and operators.”

– Roger Goepfert, Administrator New Glarus Home, Inc.

“Things are going great with the sink!  More and more people are getting the word that we have one.  Thank you for helping us get one for our salon”

– Cathy Forton, Golden Girls Hair Styling, Port Huron, MI

“I love it and recommend it!”

– Betty Upchurch, Angelique Salon and Day Spa, Columbus, OH


We accept all major credit cards and checks in advance.


Easy-to-Use foot pump mechanism allows the bowl to be raised and lowered a full 12”.

Over 20 bowl colors to choose from and the backsplash can be matched to any décor.

The Adjust-a-Sink can be quickly assembled and easily installed for either remodeling or new construction projects.

Standard faucet and vacuum breaker included.


The Adjust-a-Sink allows the client to sit upright at the bowl as it is properly adjusted to their height.

Due to its patented features, the Adjust-a-Sink helps to eliminate:

  • The Need for Tall Individuals to “Slide Down” Causing Lower Back and Neck Pain Due to Unbalanced Pressure Points
  • Neck Strain for the Short Stature Individual Trying to “Stretch” to Reach the Bowl
  • Wet Clothes as the Client Leaves Your Salon

The Perfect Match of Client and Shampoo Bowl Greatly Improves Comfort and Keeps the Client Dry!

The Adjust-a-Sink works with a standard salon chair.  It also accommodates a variety of wheelchairs, which allows the client to remain in their wheelchair while they have their hair shampooed. Your salon will be accessible for all clients.


The Adjust-a-Sink is a Stylist’s dream come true!  It allows the stylist to have control over the sink by being able to raise and lower the shampoo bowl to the perfect height between the client and the bowl.  This enables the stylist to stand upright – not bending and stretching excessively during the shampoo and rinsing.  Thus, it helps to eliminate:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Upper Back and Shoulder Strain
  • Muscle Strain in the Upper Thigh and Calf

The improved posture for the stylist helps to ensure the salon owner of less liability and loss of work time due to stylist injury.

The Adjust-a-Sink allows the stylist the comfort of a backwash bowl standing position while providing the better working position of a side-wash bowl.