K100V Adjust-a-Sink with

Belvedere 8400K Shampoo Bowl


  The K100V is best used for a comfortable client position with a salon chair. The shape of the Belvedere bowl limits how close smaller wheelchairs can fit. It is NOT RECOMMENDED for facilities where wheelchairs are used by a significant portion of the population.

– 12” Vertical Adjustment accommodates a broad range of statures

– Intuitive, easy to use foot pump adjusts the height of the bowl

– Patent pending telescopic plumbing meets ASME/UPC standards. Listed with IAPMO, file #5496.

– *NOTE: The K100V model is NOT UPC listed.



WHITE – Wilsonart 1573-60 FROSTY WHITE laminate, Belvedere 8400K bowl in PE733 WHITE, WHITE powder coated shroud

BLACK – Wilsonart 1595-60 BLACK  laminate, Belvedere 8400K bowl in PE728 SOFT BLACK, BLACK powder coated shroud



For many residents of health and senior care facilities, the visit to the salon is the highlight of their week. It is important to make their visits safe and comfortable. The Adjust-a-Sink® Senior Living shampoo sink makes that possible.

By providing senior living facilities with an adjustable height sink, residents are able to receive a more relaxing and comfortable experience during their hair appointments. Clients that utilize our sinks for disabled residents have an overall reduction in costs simply by alleviating the time needed for staff to move residents in and out of their wheelchair. Because of this, and by using this senior living shampoo sink, facilities reduce the number of opportunities for an accident.


STAINLESS STEEL SHROUD – Upgrade from a powder coated steel shroud to stainless steel, a good option paired with custom laminates

CUSTOM LAMINATE – We can apply any laminate made to the back panel and backsplash of the Adjust-a-Sink. Most laminates from Wilsonart and Formica can be applied with a modest upgrade cost. Some designer line choices such as HD, FX or Laminart materials may cost significantly more, please contact us for a custom quote.

CABINETS– A variety of cabinets are available that turn the Adjust-a-Sink into a complete styling station.

BOWL COLORS– There are 33 color options for the 8400K bowls


• Belvedere 522 single lever Faucets1 with whiz sprayer and vacuum breaker Faucets2


  • Installation1 1701 Polyethylene Hair Trap
  • Installation2 8750 Cast Iron Hair Trap
  • ASSE 1070 Mixing Valve Kit – Our anti-scald kit mounts to the back panel and comes with mounting hardware and supply connections