Choose an Adjustable Height Sink

The adjustable height sink has many benefits, including the ease of wheelchair access hair washing. Having fully adjustable sinks within a salon allows for additional safety and security for clientele. Using our ADA shampoo sink provides stylists the ability to wash hair without the need of risking accidents or discomfort of customers being relocated from their wheelchairs.

Provide Senior Living Residents with Comfort

There are occasions where it may be beyond a resident’s physical capability to transfer from their wheelchair to a shampoo sink. Using our portable shampoo bowl within a senior living facility helps to ensure that residents remain comfortable throughout their experience. The adjustable shampoo bowl also helps to create comfort for the stylist. Since our sinks are handicap accessible, it reduces overall costs for the senior living facility by reducing the necessity for additional staff.

Easy To Use

Our wheelchair accessible shampoo sink design is simple to use. It operates by using a foot pump that allows the bowl to be raised or lowered by up to 12 inches. We ensure that every shampoo sink is crafted from the highest quality materials. All of our sinks use our unique drain and lift system.

The Adjust-a-Sink System has Served Senior Living for Over 20 Years

Adjust-a-Sink was created in 1994 as a wheelchair accessible shampoo sink for disabled persons. We know that the weekly visit to the salon is a big deal to Senior Living Community residents, regardless of their physical abilities. We created the adjustable height wheelchair shampoo sink to ensure residents have the ability to continue with everyday activities in a safer and dignified manner. Located in Minneapolis, MN, we are a family owned business that builds our product in the USA. Our adjustable shampoo sinks can be found in senior living communities throughout the United States and Canada. Contact us today at (866) 938-4608 for more information.