Enabling seniors and persons
with disabilities access to
everyday activities in a safe
and dignified manner.


12 inches of vertical adjustments!
Fits most statures of residents in
wheelchairs and salon chairs.


Senior living salon with two Adjust-a-Sinks
-One station with the ACCESS salon chair
-One reserved for wheelchair access

The Ultimate in Comfort and Accessibility Since 1994

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The Adjust-a-Sink, adjustable height sink, reduces the risk of accidents in senior living salons resulting from transfers, for both the resident and the staff. Our products are ideal for handicap hair washing, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your clients are comfortable and safe.


The Adjust-a-Sink’s adjustability helps ensure a comfortable and dignified shampoo service for residents in wheelchairs or with physical limitations. This permanently mounted and sturdy adjustable shampoo sink makes it easy to wash hair in a wheelchair and minimizes the wet floor and client that a portable shampoo bowl or shampoo tray may present.


The Adjust-a-Sink reduces costs by reducing the need for additional staff to assist with salon transfers. There can also be a significant amount of time wasted in the salon waiting for transfer assistance as some facilities report 6 hours per week spent waiting. The adjustable shampoo sink is easy to use as a single stylist can shampoo and cut without assistance.

Easy to Use Foot Pump for Sink Bowl

The easy to use foot pump allows the adjustable shampoo bowl to be raised or lowered 12 inches vertically to accommodate the stature and condition of the salon patron. It works with either the patron’s wheelchair or traditional salon chair, making it one of the most user friendly sinks for disabled patrons and seniors.


The Adjust-a-Sink is designed for rigorous use and is manufactured in the USA using top quality materials. This senior living shampoo sink is robust and will stand up to daily abuse. The first units manufactured in 1994 are still in service today!

Marketing Advantage

The weekly trip to the salon is a highlight for current and prospective residents. Present a facility that is differentiated with the most adaptive salon equipment including wheelchair accessible sinks. A wide range of bowl colors and laminate materials are available to match any design theme.

Comfortable Height Bowl

The bowl adjusts to ensure a comfortable fit for most all statures and physical limitations. The Adjust-a-Sink helps to make the hair care experience one of dignified comfort for the client. The adjustable height sink also helps reduce stylist’s back strain.

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