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Adjustable Height Sink

An adjustable height sink enables seniors and persons with disabilities access to everyday activities in a safe, comfortable and dignified manner. Based in Minneapolis MN, our family owned business manufactures our products in the USA.

We design, manufacture, and market adjustable height sink products that utilize a unique and patented telescopic drain and lift system. Our adjustable height sink is marketed under the Adjust-a-Sink® brand name, and they are installed in senior living facilities and salons nationwide and in Canada.

The Adjust-a-Sink product line offers a solution to provide a hair shampoo to persons in wheelchairs for senior living salons with comfort and ease. A trip to the salon is a highlight for many- old and young- but with age and many years of wear and tear on the body, this enjoyable experience can be uncomfortable for some. The patented adjustable height shampoo sink, adjusts vertically a full 12” ensuring that both the customer and stylist a safe and comfortable shampoo.

Whether you are looking to replace and existing shampoo sink or install a new one, the Adjust-a-Sink is the ultimate tool for providing a comfortable and dignified salon experience for clients with limited mobility.

The Adjust-a-Sink comes with detailed installation instructions and requires less than 2 hours to install.  Most facilities have their engineers perform the installation. We have over 100 references nationwide who would be happy to speak to you regarding their experiences with the Adjust-a-Sink. Please note the Adjust-a-Sink is cUPC (Universal Plumbing Code) listed for safety and durability, its file # is 5496.

The Adjust-a-Sink, adjustable height shampoo sink was designed with the client/stylist relationship in mind, and would be a great fit for senior living salons, rehabilitation centers and hospitals.