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December 12

A Great Fit for Everyone in Long Term Care

Long Term Care communities strive to provide patients the best, highest quality day-to-day service and assistance. They rely on a focus on comfort, safety, and making all aspects of the campus accessible. Through continued improvement on all of these, communities are eliminating the possibility of injury to patients and care-givers and making each step of the journey enjoyable and comfortable. Most of us take for granted a relaxing trip to the salon. We expect that when we arrive at the salon, our experience will be relaxing. Though it may be relaxing for some of us, many patients in Long Term Care may say differently.

The salon experience for a patient in Long Term Care:

  1. You wait 10 to 20 minutes for 2 nursing assistants to be called to come help the stylist transfer you out of your wheelchair into the salon chair.
  2. You are in the chair but now must figure out a way to get comfortable in a chair that is too small and most likely too short.
  3. The stylist tells you to lay your head back and relax, but that task is a bit more difficult at this stage of life.
  4. You attempt to enjoy your uncomfortable, most likely wet, trip to the salon.

The salon experience after adding the Adjust-a-Sink in Long Term Care:

  1. The stylist pushes you in your wheelchair up to the Adjust-a-Sink and adjusts the height to fit your stature perfectly.
  2. You sit comfortably and enjoy a relaxing trip to the salon, free of transfers and wet clothing.

Long Term Care communities offer a large range of services and support. One of the most basic activities that patients and care providers are relying on daily, are transfers in and out of a wheelchairs, chairs, or beds. Adding the Adjust-a-Sink to a Long Term Care community will improve the salon experience for both the patients and staff. By eliminating the need for transfers, safety is immediately improved. To learn more about adding an adjustable height shampoo sink for your Long Term Care community, please contact us.