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March 11

Adjust-a-Sink at the Safe Patient Handling Conference in Glendale, AZ April 11–13

The Safe Patient Handling Conference held in Glendale, AZ is a great opportunity for participants to learn about new research, best practices in safe patient handling, and attend educational workshops. Participants can attend hands on practice sessions, workshops, and visit a large exhibit hall that displays many new and emerging technologies. Presentations involving innovations in safety legislation, practice tips, technology solutions, successful organizations strategies, and building a business case are available for all participants as well. Accessible Systems is happy to be a part of this informative and educational conference once again to share the many safety benefits of this adjustable height shampoo sink!

Each year, the handicap accessible shampoo sink continues to provide hundreds of senior care facilities the capability to add a safe, comfortable, and dry salon experience to residents. The adjustable height bowl allows clients or residents to remain in their wheelchair eliminating the need for transfers in the salon, also creating a safe working environment for stylists. Transfers can be risky to begin with, and adding a wet floor to the mix can create potential dangers for both the stylist and resident, so adding this shampoo sink to a salon can reduce these risks and make the salon experience more positive for all. Going to the salon is the highlight for many residents in senior care facilities, nursing homes or assisted living and making the experience safe ensures a relaxing experience as well.

Come see us and experience the Adjust-a-Sink first hand at the Safe Patient Handling Conference in Glendale, AZ in April 11th – 13th. Our sales team will be available to provide demonstrations, view all the design options for the sink, and provide you with a long list of the many features and benefits the sink may offer. If you are not able to attend the conference, there are other opportunities this year to see the sink first hand. If you are interested in getting a demonstration of the Adjust-a-Sink for your salon, please contact us direct at 612-238-4604 to arrange a meeting at your facility or tour a facility in your area that may have one in use.