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September 18

Adjust-a-Sink Model K100-V With Belvedere 8400K Bowl

The Original Adjust-a-Sink has been a beneficial product in the healthcare and senior living industry for nearly 20 years, but the new model, the Adjust-a-Sink K100-V, was introduced to customers in 2015. With increasing standards for interior finish and design in senior living and rehab facilities, Accessible Systems wanted to offer a system that would give customers an option with a porcelain bowl and unlimited laminate choices. With the addition of the K100-V, designers have an Adjust-a-Sink option available that can complement and even match the rest of the salon design.

The Adjust-a-Sink serves the salon and healthcare industry as an alternative to a fixed, wall mounted shampoo bowl or as a portable shampoo bowl alternative and is designed to be the safest and most comfortable option for both the resident and the stylist in hair care services. Though the entire system itself is solidly mounted to a wall or cabinetry, the bowl adjusts vertically allowing residents to remain in their wheel chairs for hair care services, reducing the need for transfers into a salon chair. Users report that keeping residents with dementia in their chairs for a hair service keeps them more relaxed and calm. The system also allows residents and patients to sit more upright for the shampoo service, being helpful if they are ambulatory but have back issues or recent surgeries.

The K100-V Adjust-a-Sink is unique in that unlike standard wall mounted shampoo bowls, this adjustable height shampoo bowl is handicap accessible, comfortable for residents with many different physical limitations and body structures, and the design options are endless. The hydraulic foot pump allows the stylist to move the sink up or down to ensure a comfortable fit for each resident. The Belvedere bowl comes complete with high quality fixtures, a wide neck opening, and a deep bowl construction to be adaptable to any salon environment.