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May 1

How Adjust-a-Sink Handicap Accessible Sinks Bring Hair Care to Your Client’s Chairs

Adjust-a-Sink, handicap accessible sinks, allow disabled and senior clients to enjoy their hair care from the comfort and security of their wheelchairs. We bring the sink to your clients for safe and dignified handicap hair washing!

Providing Comfort and Dignity

We understand that everyone wants to look their best. But going to the salon shouldn’t mean that a disabled or senior client should be an extensive process with multiple tranfers. We believe that rather than forcing the client to be moved so they can use the shampoo sink, thereby risking their safety as well as their comfort and dignity, the sink should come to them. That’s why we at Accessible Systems created the Adjust-a-Sink handicap accessible sinks for wheelchair and handicap hair washing.

Our distinctive and patented handicap accessible sinks raise and lower up to 12 inches to accommodate a wide variety of patron needs. It can be used with a traditional salon chair or a patron’s own wheelchair, allowing your clients to choose where and how they want to enjoy their handicap hair washing experience. The user-friendly foot-pump operation means your salon workers will be able to focus on their patrons with a minimum of fuss and allows the patrons to enjoy the full salon experience.

Ensuring the Safety of Clients and Salon Workers

The traditional alternatives for a salon dealing with a senior or disabled client included the expensive and dangerous options of transferring them into a salon chair or having to use either a portable shampoo bowl or tray.

The transfer of a client from their wheelchair runs the possibility of anything from accidental injury to the client from the transfer itself or improper handling to the salon workers or assistants injuring themselves in the process, both of which are best avoided. And the use of a portable shampooing system means water will likely end up on the floor, creating a slipping and falling hazard not only for the salon workers but anyone else in the room. Why risk these injuries when there is an easy solution with the Adjust-a-Sink handicap accessible sinks?

Maintaining Life’s Luxuries

For many of us, a trip to the salon is a luxurious treat. Accessible Systems believes the same should be true for our senior and disabled salon guests and they should be able to enjoy a comfortable and safe salon handicap hair washing experience.