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June 8

What Is the Adjust-a-Sink All About?

Accessible Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing products that enable seniors and persons with disabilities access to everyday activities in a manner that is safe, comfortable and dignified. Based in Minneapolis MN, our family owned business manufactures our products in the USA.

We design, manufacture, and market elevating sink products that utilize a unique and patented telescopic drain and lift system. Our products are marketed under the Adjust-a-Sink® brand name and are installed in senior living facilities and salons nationwide and in Canada.

The Adjust-a-Sink, adjustable height shampoo sink was designed with the client/stylist relationship in mind. The 12” vertical elevation of the shampoo sink allows the client to be seated upright, eliminating any strain on the back, making the trip to the salon safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. The self-contained foot operated hydraulic foot pump provides the lift capacity needed to raise the shampoo bowl. The foot pedal is free to rotate approximately 90 degrees to the side allowing the stylist to have room to work freely within the work station. The Adjust-a-Sink is manufactured in the USA from durable components made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and powder coated steel. The Adjust-a-Sink features a shampoo bowl and fixtures from top suppliers Marble Products and Belvedere. There are dozens of bowl colors and laminate color options to choose from along with many product options offered as upgrades to the standard unit.

For more information on how you can order the Adjust-a-Sink or review our general information document, message us or call (866) 938-4608.