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November 6

Why Choose a Wheelchair Accessible Sink

There are bound to be challenges whenever mobility is lessened. Although life in a wheelchair is better than trying to walk when health has declined, there are still issues to be faced. Especially challenging are those moments when a transfer must take place – to a bed, or car, or another seat. The fewer of these transfers, the better. We see accessibility becoming a greater factor in our day to day lives, but what about the activities we seek out to enjoy once and awhile? Introducing the wheelchair accessible sink.

This is why the wheelchair accessible sink is a game changer for senior living and nursing home salons. Our sinks make it possible for stylists to wash the hair of customers in a wheelchair without having to transfer them from the chair to the sink. There are so many benefits to having these sinks in your own salon:

An Increase in Safety

Is your salon currently taking risks every time a customer has to be transferred from their wheelchair? A wheelchair accessible sink for shampooing make transfer related accidents a thing of the past – which is sure to not only make residents feel more secure, but the staff as well!

Adjustable Sinks = Increased Productivity

Before our wheelchair accessible sinks were developed, there was no choice for stylists in a senior living salon but to step away from their work every time a customer needed to be transferred from their wheelchair to the seat in front of the sink … and back again. Imagine the drop in productivity! Thanks to products from Accessible Systems, Inc., it’s possible for salon employees to wash the hair of customers in a wheelchair – letting hairstylists turn their attention to their work without being repeatedly interrupted.

Preserving Customer Dignity

Even in a senior living facility, many residents would rather not call attention to their immobility. Imagine, if you were a resident, having to wait for assistance in order to get from your wheelchair to the sink. Imagine holding up the activity in the salon as employees had to stop their work in order to help you. And then, once the shampoo is finished … it’s back to the wheelchair. And the process repeats itself.

This is another reason why our wheelchair accessible sinks are a smart addition to any salon catering to the elderly or infirm. A customer never has to worry about having all eyes on them as they’re being transferred to the sink, then back to their chair. It’s safe to assume that any person living life primarily in a wheelchair wishes to have their dignity preserved.

Knowing that salon employees will wash their hair while they’re in a wheelchair is bound to be a selling point for anyone considering moving to a senior living facility. Peace of mind and preservation of dignity go a long way – which is why Accessible Systems, Inc. is so proud to provide products that make life easier and more comfortable.