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Comfort Fit #3050 Shampoo Bowl

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The next generation of comfort in the senior salon is here! The Comfort Fit™ bowl is specifically designed to fit the full spectrum of clients in a senior living setting by optimizing access for residents of all sizes. It allows a close up fit for short statured residents in small size wheelchairs, and also has a v-shaped neck opening that can accommodate larger neck sizes. 

Product Info

  • Model #3050
  • Available with model 650 Single Lever Control
  • Available black and white Colors
  • 18.5″W x 23″D x 9″H

Product Features

  • Accommodates standard back wheelchairs of all sizes – specifically designed to allow smaller, narrower wheelchairs to get closer to the sink.
  • Wide neck opening to fit a large range of neck sizes, including bariatric patients.
  • Solid surface made with seamless, high-gloss construction, durable and scratch resistant finish.


  • Black
  • White