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Adjust-a-Sink News & Events

For many residents in senior living, the visit to the salon is the highlight of their week. It is important to make their visits safe and comfortable. The Adjust-a-Sink® makes that possible. Designed with the clients in mind, this rehabilitation sink can be used for rehab patients in addition to senior living residents.

Adjust-a-Sink Model LV-10S adjustable height bathroom lavatory

March 18
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AIA Continuing Education Adjust-a-Sink Continuing Education

April 5

Online CE

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Adjustable Height Drain Compatible With Hospital Sinks

January 15
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A Great Fit for Everyone in Long Term Care

December 12
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Handicap Hair Washing with Adjust-a-Sink

June 12
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How Adjust-a-Sink Handicap Accessible Sinks Bring Hair Care to Your Client’s Chairs

May 1
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Why Choose a Wheelchair Accessible Sink

November 6
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What Is the Adjust-a-Sink All About?

June 8
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