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Adjust-a-Sink Resources

FAQ, Installation Instructions, Product Drawings & More Can Be Found Here!


How is the Adjust-a-Sink Used?

It works much like a standard, fixed-mount shampoo bowl except for the important fact that it can be raised and lowered, using a hydraulic foot pump, a full 12 (or 14 with the E140) inches from a bowl height of 34 to 46 inches. This allows for an extremely comfortable fit to be established between the salon patron’s neck and the shampoo bowl. The comfortable fit eliminates back and neck strain and eliminates getting water on the patron and the floor. The Adjust-a-Sink can be used with a standard salon chair or a wheelchair. This allows the salon to be totally accessible as the patron can remain in their wheelchair during shampooing. This eliminates the possibility of accidents caused when someone is moved from a wheelchair to a salon chair.

Where can I purchase an Adjust-a-Sink?

Our products can be purchased through beauty salon equipment distributors; some offer online purchasing. They can also be purchased from plumbing supply distributors and through your plumbing contractor. We also sell direct to facility and salon customers- please call us toll free at 866-938-4608 for pricing. We do ship direct to Canadian customers.

Will a tilting bowl work just as well as an Adjust-a-Sink?

Tilting bowls provide about 5 inches of adjustment, this is not sufficient to serve the spectrum of residents of various statures and wheelchairs. For example, a 5’8” person in a standard sized 18” wide wheelchair may need the neck height adjusted to 41” or 42” from the floor. A short statured person in a small sized wheelchair who may be suffering from curving spine, may find a 34” neck position is most comfortable. Providing services to children or smaller persons in reclining chairs may require a neck height of 31”

How do I pay for the Adjust-a-Sink?

We accept all major credit cards, or we accept check in advance of shipment. We require payment before processing all order– call us for more details.

What is the availability and standard lead time?

We will do what is necessary to accommodate your project’s needs. With payment, we normally ship product three to four weeks after receipt of the order. Orders placed with non-standard selections, custom laminates or including a wet station may take up to 12 weeks to ship.

What colors are available?

Due to current supply chain constraints, available bowl colors are black, white and almond, the backsplashes can be special ordered in any available laminate. Please note that the standard backsplash colors are white, almond, and black. There is an up-charge for custom match laminate colors. The manufacturer and color code is required for this option.

Do I need a Hair Trap/Interceptor?

We recommend that you use one of the hair traps we offer to reduce the instances of clogged drains. The JR Smith 8750 and Watts 750 (cast iron or chrome) or 1701 Catch-All hair trap (polyethylene) are the hair traps we offer, as the dimensions of these traps are most compatible with the Adjust-a-Sink. Other interceptors can be used, however, we cannot verify their fit when used with the sink, the installer needs to ensure clearance to moving components.

What type of shampoo bowl is used on the product?

Our product uses the Comfort Fit 3050 Shampoo Bowl. The bowl is provided to you along with hardware and fixtures and is included in the cost of the unit.

Other bowls compatible with the K100 is the Marble Products 3000W. If selecting this bowls, you will also receive hardware and fixtures for installation and is included in the cost of the unit. The E140 is only compatible with the Comfort Fit 3050 bowl.

Can we use our existing shampoo bowl?

Yes, if it is one of the bowls listed above.

Can the unit be installed with my existing cabinetry?

The Adjust-a-Sink is a self-contained unit that is approximately 22 inches wide and can be mounted onto any sturdy surface such as the wall or a cabinet. We suggest that you allow for at least six inches of space on either side between the unit and your cabinetry to provide adequate space for the stylist to work and for the right side foot pedal to swivel. In addition, you need to ensure that any counter lip extends out no further than ½” to avoid interference with the elevating backsplash. Please consult drawing K100 for overall dimensions and unit profile.

How long will it take to install and assemble?

Assembly and installation should take no more than two hours. The unit can be attached to your current drain and water source. Depending on the location of the water source and waste line, some minor plumbing modifications may be needed. Please advise the wall height of the waste line upon ordering.

Does the Adjust-a-Sink meet the required standards?

Yes, the the Adjust-a-Sink is in compliance with Adjustable Shampoo System standards ASME A112.19.12-2014 and ASME A112.19.2-2008/CSA B45.1-08 including Update No. 2 dated March 2011. Our K100 & E140 models are cUPC Listed File #5496. Our product is also specifically approved in MA (Code P3-1108-214) and WI (File #20090409). K100V is NOT UPC listed.

Is the Adjust-a-Sink ADA Compliant, can you provide certificates?

There are no ADA compliance "certificates" for the K100 or E140 shampoo systems. Compliance to the ADA requirements for structures is done through site inspection after all construction is complete. All products must be installed to provide spacings and clearances according to the ADA rules. Manufacturers list their products as “ADA compliant” with the caveat that they are installed per recommendations and result in proper clearances, height, etc. Secondly, a salon shampoo sink is not intended for user self-service, so there isn’t a category under ADA regulations for this type of sink. The Adjust-a-Sink does help you provide a service to disabled clients, so it does improve accessibility to your salon.

How does the Adjust-a-Sink ship?

The Adjust-a-Sink K100 ships in 3 boxes. The E140 ships in 2 boxes. All orders can be palletized if necessary.

What is the warranty for the Adjust-a-Sink?

All parts of the sink are under warranty for 2 years from purchase and the hydraulic pump is under warranty for 5 years from purchase. Please reference your order number when inquiring about replacement parts that may still be under warranty.

Are the openings for the supply lines and drain pre-drilled in the K100 panel?

No, these need to be drilled at installation.

What are the mounting requirements?

The Adjust-a-Sink is not a freestanding system. If installing to a wall, the unit needs to be mounted to wall studs or backers with bolts, lag screws or anchors. Securing to drywall alone is not sufficient to support the system. Secure the back panel to the wall in four places using 1/4 inch hardware minimum.

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